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Bill Haley and The Comets started the ball rolling with their happy cheerful party sound on Rock Around The Clock, but the king of this era, of this genre, and popular musics greatest king of all time is Elvis Presley.

Everyone knows of him, he has to be one of the most influential artists of all time.

Since the 1950's the music business has snowballed along with image. Elvis had everything, a good singing voice with his own unmistakable vocals, bags of self confidence, he was very good looking and new how to move; when he first started to apear on TV cameramen were told not to record below his waistline when he danced, his moves were seen as too sexualy provocative to be aired.

Rock'n'Roll's roots are in Jazz along with everything else and Rock'n'Roll has moved a long way since then. The 1970's became one of arguabley the greatest decades in musical awareness; genres became sub-genres and combinations, Black Sabbath became Heavy Metal, The Ramones gave birth to the Punk sound and the begining of this decade saw off the end of the 60's with Glam Rock. More importantly though the beginning of the 70's saw the making of the not so arguabley greatest rock band of all time, Led Zeppelin.

1970 has come to be recognised as the year that the greatest music was produced... I'm sure Handle and Motzart fans would argue this point but stroll on; fact is fact.

Led Zeppelin-Stairway to Heaven
The greatest song of all time? Very debatable, depends what mood you're in I suppose.

Did You Know... that the band who have been seen by more members of the public than anyone else in the history of the world are... The Rolling Stones. This at first seemingly questionable fact came from the biography of Ronnie Wood, but think about it. Until the 1700's there were never any celebrity figures as we know them now (the first ones being thieves), until the 1900's the population of the planet never exceeded a billion (it's well over six billion now), making this astounding achievement a whole lot more believable.

Do You Know... the meaning behind the name of the band 10CC? It has nothing to do with engines... well not petrol or diesel internal combustion ones anyway, more genital propulsion.

The average male upon ejaculation discharges 9cc of semen, making 10cc above average. I wonder what thought pattern led to that for a band name!

Did You Know... Jimi Hendrix was born John James Hendricks

Do You Want To Know... who Declan McManus is.... he's more commonly known as Elvis Costello, his Father's stage name was Costello.

You Probably Already Know...who Robert Zimmerman is... Bob Dylan.

I haven't updated this thing for ages!

Here's something newish: All the girls love Sam Wilkinson, I think he's got good potential in the right hands, he's the new Bob Z!

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