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Indie's Input

The term ‘indie’ comes from independent record labels, which led the way in this short-lived but very progressive sound.

Two stories tell how this scene grew: the first being that at the time (late 80’s) there were lots of small bands around approaching small labels, and their sound was pretty similar. The second comes from producers trying to put rock and dance sounds together, both stories are probably true.

Bands which came from this scene are Blur, Nirvana (probably the most influential), Oasis (biggest band of the 90's), and REM who became very well known at this time, even though they have been around since 1979, Happy Mondays, Stone Roses and lots more.

The Prodigy appeared shortly post-indie, and became the first band ever to top both the metal and dance charts together with Firestarter, achieving exactly what Indie music had origionaly set out to do.

Indie music progressed into grunge, then onto 'skateboard' sounds, Busted being a prime example, and that being put on House come Techno beat takes us back to the dance scene.

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