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Glam Rock

This scene was in the early 70's but it finished off the time period known as the 60's. 'The Sixties' time period was from 1966 to 1973.

During the 60's kids who had been conceived by soldiers returning home after the Second World War populated the world, and the acceptable dress sense was broadened. The mini skirt arrived, stilettos, tights, kinky boots, and those a bit too young during the 60's to enjoy them used these acceptable changes to their full extent: platforms arrived, loud colours and clothing accessories became amplified more than possible, let alone acceptable. This fashion scene was led by the likes of Marc Bolan and David Bowie, along with Reginald Dwight who in 1972 had his name changed by deed poll to Elton John.

Rod Stewart, T Rex and Queen came from this scene that faded in 1973, and like lots of advents on the musical calendar, were short lived but well remembered.

Who'd have thought flairs would have a second date on the fashion calender! And platforms too...... sort of, I've seen girls in platform cloggs anyway.

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